Quick updates

20/12/2015 - Simon Rodriguez

At last, an update on this blog! I am currently following a double cursus that takes most of my time, and in my spare time I try to focus as much as possible on my personal projects, leaving me literally no time to update this blog. But as the holidays and the end of the year are coming, a quick update on various projects and news.

The Lantern

I have made very little progress on the Lantern project. A simple webpage is available, the app now has an icon and I've experimented with the idea of adding a paper map on the ground. I'm currently working on the generation of some 'background' information for each lantern (ship name, port name and year).

The Lantern

Cataliste, a to-do list with a hint of command-line

I have released a small app to manage a to-do list in a command-line-like interface [1]. The name is Cataliste, and I primarily designed it for my own personal purpose, but if it can be of any use to anybody...


My website... and smaller projects

I have updated the 'Work' page of my website, to better present my latest projects. I cleaned a Markov chain based generator I wrote in Swift, and started to implement a simple letter generator using Markov random fields. For debug purposes I wrote a simple Quicklook extension, this was... insightful. More details on the repo.

My quicklook extension

PCG Challenge of December

I am currently working on my submission for the first Procedural Generation Challenge on r/proceduralgeneration/. The goal is to generate random treasure maps. You can follow my progress here, where I give more details on the techniques I used. The code is available on Github too.

A pirate map, arrrr

Playing old games

In october I suddendly felt the urge to play at In Memoriam again. And in November, to replay Riven, and Myst III. But all those games are getting old, and some can't easily run on modern computers or their servers have been shut down. Hopefully, withsome modifications and tricks one can still enjoy playing them. I am currently preparing an article on how to play at In Memoriam and its sequel nowadays, and might write another one on the Myst series.

And that's all for now! I promise I'll soon start posting more frequently again!

  1. so many hyphens in this sentence.